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RDM Shrimp are locally grown in Benton County Indiana. RDM Shrimp is delivered fresh and never frozen.  RDM Shrimp are the best saltwater shrimp you will ever taste.  When you buy our shrimp we can guarantee you a healthy, fresh product with no HORMONES OR ANTIBIOTICS. You will know where your shrimp come from. They are a great alternative to imported shrimp.  

RDM has gotten its first batch of Australian Red Claw Crawfish.  Keep an eye for sale day.  

RDM Aquaculture is offering consulting and equipment to get you into the shrimp farming business.  


) hatchery in Florida when they are about 11 days old every  month. When we receive them, we acclimate them to our water's temp, Dissolved Oxygen, and PH. They stay in their nursery tanks for 28 days then are moved into their intermediate tanks. While in the nursery tanks their water quality is tested every day along with

WRDM Aquaculture started in July of 2010.  It was the brain child of Darryl Brown and Russell Brown.  They owned and raised hogs for many years.  We moved from Tippecanoe County to Benton County to continue raising hogs.  Prices bottomed out and we looked at getting into Aquaculture. For 15 years we looked at Tilapia, but came across this shrimp pump.   We looked at it and thought it would be interesting.  So we tried it and here we are.

We were the 3rd privately owned indoor recycling shrimp operation.  Today there are at least 25. We have help start 18 of these and we have many more coming up.


The way we do it today is different than when we started.  We started with a ZEAH system.  ZEAH is a Zero Exchange Heterotrophic System.  It basically means we do not discharge our water.  The water in our system is the same water we started with in 2010.  

Since starting we have been able to increase our survival rates in our grow out tanks to 90% survival and in our nursery tanks to 95% -99% survival rate.  Since our survival rates have been so  high in our nursery tanks we started selling the pls(post larval) to other shrimp farmers when they are 1g -1.5g each.  It jump starts their system.  

We get in over 250,000 pls every 25 days from a hatchery in Florida.  We then keep them for 60 days before we sell them to other shrimp farmers to jump start their systems.  We work our farmers from beginning to the  end.  We also keep 20% for ourselves to restock our tanks.  We average 400 lbs every month going to retail sales.  We are  not in any restaurants or wholesale markets yet.  But hopefully that will happen with our expansion this year to 14 tanks.  

RDM Aquaculture uses NO hormones or antibiotics.  We leave a very small carbon footprint.  There is nothing added to our water other than salt, shrimp, feed and baking soda to adjust alkalinity.   We are trying to provide a “garden of eden” for the shrimp.  We are no longer shrimp farmers but guardians of water.  As long as the water is being taken care of the shrimp will do great.

If you would like to know more about shrimp farming please contact us, we would love to show you around.  

The future of RDM Aquaculture is raising crawfish (2014), new buildings with 14 new shrimp tanks, an aquaponics system and raising tilapia all in 2015.  Hopefully by spring of 2015 oysters.  Our goal is to do a "One Stop Seafood Shop " in midwest.  

fed a high protein diet from Ziegler. For 3 1/2 years we have continuously produced a 90% survival rate from the nu



After 28 days we move the PLs (post larval) to an intermediate tank where they stay for three weeks then we sell 70%  of the pls to other shrimp farmers.  This jump starts this system and takes two months off their growing cycle.  We call it a feeder shrimp.   We have continuously produced a 90% survival rate from the intermediate tanks. After 28 days we move them from their intermediat tanks either to other shrimp farms or own grow out tan 

In our grow out tanks our water is over 4 years old and we are producing 80% -90% survival rates in these tanks.  It is a lot of testing and attention to detail.  We are no longer shrimp farmers, we are guardians of the water.  As long as our water does  what it is suppose to do, our shrimp do great.



We have helped set up 14 farms in the last  two years.  We have also partnered up with Marvesta and by working with them we are trying to better the production of shrimp to where we can get an 96% survival rate.


We also have a goal to make Indiana the "Shrimp Capital" of the world.   There is no reason why we can not compete with the imported shrimp.  Our product is superior to what is being imported into this country because our shrimp have a much cleaner taste and much better texture.   

We have shrimp available all year long.  Just stop by for a visit and we will dip you the cleanest, freshest shrimp you will taste for at least 600 miles.   We sell them live so we can guarantee you a very fresh product.  The best part is knowing where your shrimp actually came from! 


Would you like to tour a saltwater shrimp farm in the middle of Indiana? If so we have just the tour for you.  We offer several types of tours.  

Tour to check out a shrimp farm in Indiana.  Really???

If you are intersted in becoming a shrimp farmer we will spend several hours with you going over what it takes to become a shrimp farmer.

We offer large group tours for your club or classroom.  

Call or email and we will talk over which tour is best for you.  


"Keep on Shrimping"








Upcoming Classes

Our next class will be April 25, 2015


It will be from 1 - 4 pm (eastern time). 

We will go over: business planning, business marketing,financing, and we will tour the facility. 


It will cost $100 per person. 

Seating is limited! Please call or email to reserve your spot! 






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