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Thank you for visiting our site to learn more about us here at RDM Aquaculture! We pride ourselves in being an eco-friendly farm with the ability to raise fresh seafood here in the middle of cornfield Indiana! 


Our shrimp is the freshest you'll find! Most importantly, it is so easy to prepare! There is no deveining our shrimp, no need to peel, and everything is no antibiotics and no hormones! 


We have added the Australian Red Claw to our farm back at the beginning of 2015, and we are hoping to add oysters, tilapia, and an aquaponics system here shortly! We are in the middle of expanding our farm, doing tours, and helping set up new farms! If you are interested in puchasing shrimp, stop by or give us a call! If you are interested in starting your own shrimp farm, check out some of our information on our Dreaming of Becoming A Shrimp Farmer page and our Tours page.


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We have 30 count shrimp available

We only have the smaller sizes available right now

We are getting very close to bigger sizes!


(If you would like to wait for the bigger ones,

they will be ready in a few weeks!)



We do not have any crawfish available, apologies!





Touring Our Facility

Visit our tour page for more information!

Stay Up-To-Date!

Stay updated with our facility as we expand and travel to other shrimp farms across the world!

You can check out our newest News Articles written about our facility. 


Our newest article, written by Purdue University, can be viewed Here! Comes with a "Listen Live" button to hear the interview!

Indiana Aquaculture Association

Interested in Aquaculture as a whole? Become a member of the IAAI to keep in the loop about what's new in our community! 

765-583-0052    |     rdmshrimp1@gmail.com


Monday - Thursday    9 am - 4 pm

Friday                          9 am - 6 pm        

Saturday                      9 am - noon

Sunday                           Closed


*all Eastern Time Zone

Shrimp Info - The Basics

Interested in seeing the shrimp as they grow?

Check out Purdue's video or our homemade GoPro video!