RDM Aquaculture LLC Freshest seafood for 600 miles. With No antibiotics or Hormones 765.583.0052
RDM Aquaculture LLCFreshest seafood for 600 miles.  With No antibiotics or Hormones765.583.0052

Fresh salt water shrimp

RDM offers the freshest shrimp around with zero antibiotic or hormones.  We sell them live to gurantee the fresheness of the shrimp.  

Once you have fresh shrimp you wont go back to the frozen product.  

Why not visit us and see a shrimp farm in Indiana for yourself.  

Tours are available. 

We look forward to seeing you!

Tours are available.  

We finally wrote our story and to give you an overview of what we do and how to get into shrimp farming.  

The book is available at the farm or on Amazon.com. 

RDM Aquaculture offers only the best shrimp for 600 miles.  We offer a product that has zero antibiotic or hormones.  

Our farm store stands for good, high-quality product at low prices. We offer the freshest cleanest shrimp around.  The shrimp is sold live to gurantee you the freshest shrimp.  If were to freeze you lose all the quality and flavor of the shrimp.  Give us a call.  

For your safety and ours we follow the strict CDC rules and offer curb service if you choose not to come inside.  Just call and let us know you are here.  



Welcome TO RDM Shrimp

For a Limited time we will have crawfish available from Dec 16 to Dec 24 (or till they are gone). Call ahead and place your order and let us know when you will be picking them up.  We will have them ready to go for you.  Crawfish $18 per pound. 

RDM offers a very fresh and clean product.  One with no hormones or antibiotics.  it is local grown in the best enviorment for them to grow in.   RDM is enviormently friendly.  Stop by and get some fresh shrimp and maybe take a tour of the facility to see a shrimp farm in Indiana.  

Locally Grown

Antibiotic & Hormone Free

Sold Live!


Monday - Friday

9 am - 5 pm




10 to 2

*Eastern Time



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We offer a variety of tours that will be perfect for what you're looking for!       



765-583-0052    |     rdmshrimp1@gmail.com



20 count shrimp (roughly 20 shrimp to the pound) -  $18.00 per pound

30 count   -   $18.00 per pound 

*Quanity discount for 10 lbs or more*






Our seafood is the freshest you will find!

Easy preparation!




We sell our shrimp live and fresh right out of our front doors! We will package it up for you on ice, but you will still have that fresh product. There is nothing harmful in our shrimp, so no need to devein, and they molt their shells so often, that if they even do have a shell when you get them, it will be so thin... we just eat it! We don't harvest until you come through our front doors and let us know how much you'd like!

Thank you!