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Shrimp Farming Classes

Our next class will be Saturday Sept 20, 2014.  It will be from 1 -4. Cost is $100.00 per person.


The class will have shrimp farmers now to talk about how they got started and why?  We will also have a financial expert to talk about the tools that you need in order to get into shrimp farming.   The class will also go over some of the marketing aspects of how to get rid of your shrimp. 

After the class we will give you a tour of the facility.   Please call and save your seat.  Seating is limited. 


Shrimp Prices

Due to all the Graduations and almost summer parties our shrimp are the 45 count.  In July we will  be back up the 20 count shrimp.  We appreciate your business.  Thank you for your continue support. 


Bait shrimp (frozen dead shrimp) $3.00 half pound


Shrimp Movie


 You need to check out the trailer for a movie called Raising Shrimp made by a company called Fishnavy.com.  It tells the story of how shrimp is raised in our country along with other countries and what the shrimp is we are eating.   If you go to this web site http://www.fishnavy.com/film/raising-shrimp/ you can see the trailer.  It might be playing somewhere near you. 


RDM Aquaculture LLC: Serving Fowler  since 2010.


RDM Shrimp are locally grown in Benton County Indiana. RDM Shrimp is delivered fresh and never frozen.  RDM Shrimp are the best tasting saltwater shrimp you will ever taste.  When you buy our shrimp we can guarantee you a healthy, fresh product with no HORMONES OR ANTIBIOTICS. You will know where your shrimp come from. They are a great alternative to imported shrimp.  


RDM Shrimp

RDM Shrimp farms uses a zero exchange aerobic heterotrophic system  (ZEAH).     We begin by running our water through several filters to take out unwanted bacteria, algae, and viruses.  After we initially fill our growing tanks we do nothing to the water. This system makes the water as close to their natural habitat minus all the pollutants. We add no hormones, chemicals or antibiotics to our shrimp. We have been using the same water for the last 3 1/2 years.  We do not throw our saltwater down the drain like many other aquaculture systems do. 


We get our shrimp from a SPF (specific pathogen free) hatchery in Florida when they are about 11 days old. When we receive them, we acclimate them to our water's temp, Dissolved Oxygen, and PH. They stay in their nursery tanks for 28 days then are moved into their grower tanks. While in these tanks their water quality is tested every day along with being fed a high protein diet from Ziegler. For 29 months we have continuously produced a 90% survival rate from the nursery. 


After 28 days we move the PLs (post larval) to an intermediate tank where they stay for three weeks.   We have continuously produced a 90% survival rate from the intermediate tanks.  In these grow out tanks they will stay for about another two months. We are also producing a 80% -90% survival rate from our grow out tanks.  


With us producing a 90% survival rate we have to many juveniles for our grow out tanks. We will sell our PL 40s to other shrimp farmers who don’t want to do the nursery part of raising shrimp.  This helps us to thin out our stocking density.  It also helps new shrimp farms speed up their production.  We have been very successful in doing this so far. 


We have helped set up 11 farms in the last year.  We have also partnered up with Marvesta on a couple of deals and very excited to be working with Marvesta.  By working with Marvesta we are trying to better the production of shrimp.  I have a goal to get to 96% survival rate.   I also have a goal to make Indiana the "Shrimp Capital" of the world.   I do not see why we can not compete with the imported shrimp.  Our product is superior to what is coming into this country.  Once the consumers understand the difference between our shrimp and the imported shrimp you will always want the locally grown shrimp. 

We have shrimp available all year long.  Just stop by for a visit and we will dip you the cleanest, freshest shrimp you will taste for at least 600 miles.   We sell them live so we can guarantee you a very fresh product.  Can your grocery store do that?? Plus you know where your shrimp are coming from. 

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The Movie about raising shrimp being produced by Navy fish in Florida is about ready to be premiered.  So exciting.  They took some of our input and input from other shrimp farmers to make this movie.  We are very excited. 
Raising Shrimp is going to premiere at the DC Environmental Film Festival on March 29th and will likely screen in San Francisco on April 6th.


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