RDM Aquaculture LLC Freshest seafood for 600 miles. With No antibiotics or Hormones 765.299.9313
RDM Aquaculture LLCFreshest seafood for 600 miles.  With No antibiotics or Hormones765.299.9313

The Freshest Cleanest Shrimp for 600 miles

RDM Aquaculture was established July of 2010. We were the 3rd indoor shrimp farm in the US.  We raise shrimp using a Heteratrophic RAS system.  Means zero exchange.  Our water is actually the same water we started with.  We guard that water, because without good water we do not get good shrimp.  


What makes our shrimp so different from what we consume is the fact there are no antibiotics, hormones or toxins in our shrimp.  We raise only the cleanest healthist shrimp around.  


We sell our shrimp for consumption out our front door.  They are sold live so we can guranatee the freshness of the shrimp.  They are never frozen and with the head.  The head adds a  sweetness you wont get in any store bought shrimp.  There is no deveining our shrimp.  The shells, that is a preference some like it some dont.  


We also help people get into the shrimp business.  We offer several package choices to get you into this facisating business 


We also offer group tours.  These tours last for an hour and are very informative and fun.  I mean it is a shrimp farm in Indiana.  


New Hours:

Tuesday thru Friday 9 to 5 EST

Saturday 9 to 5 EST

Sunday and Monday Closed.

 Reach us at 765.299.9313



Shrimpology 101 Classes

Feb 5, 2024. 

8 to 5 EST

In person hands on  way to get an idea if you want to become a shrimp farmer.  Lots of informtion.  We go over your equipment, building requirments, feed, diseases, marketing, financing, testing.  How to maintain your water quality.  The cost is $300 per person.   Email or call to reserve your spot.  Spacing is limited.  

We do these classes once a month, starting in march we will be offer an online version as well.   

About Us

2010 A shrimp farm in Indiana became the 3rd shrimp farm in the US


RDM Aquaculture  is a shrimp farm in Indiana. Thirty miles north of Purdue University.  RDM Aquaculture is in a very rural farming community called Benton County.  It is a great place to live and run a business.  

What makes RDM Aquaculture unique is run on air only and reusing our water since the beginning.  We have no pumps or filters like most aquaculture systems.  We strive to be 100% sustainable.  We also use no antibiotics or hormones either in our water our shrimp feed.  Our system is very clean.  The only things in our tanks are shrimp, water, salt and feed.  So you get the freshest & cleanest shrimp.  Once you try our shrimp it is hard to eat other shrimp.  

We raise our shrimp using a Heteratrophic (zero exchange) RAS system.  We maintain the water and the bacteria in order to give the shrimp the best eco system for them to grow and thrive.  Maintaining the water since 2010 is not easy but it is attention to the little details that make the difference.  We are "Guardians of Water" and we strive to give them the best enviorment as close to perfect as we can.  

We started this business in 2010 and we have survived all the negativity of us raising shrimp indoors and we made it past covid.  When we started we were the 3rd indoor shrimp recirculating system in the US.  Since then we have several people become shrimp farmers as well as helped in other countries.  

We are asked if we would do this again.  The answer is a simple YES!  



Our Team

Darryl & Karlanea Brown- Owners



Darryl and Karlanea are the husband/wife duo that run RDM Aquauculture. Darryl, as the "Guru of the Water," has a degree in Agriculture and Animal Science from Purdue University. Starting by raising hogs then looking into tilapia, he got into researching and then raising shrimp for over 10 years. He is very dedicated to improving the shrimp industry. Darryl is continuously researching and looking for a better way to raise shrimp in the heterotrophic system!


Karlanea is the VP of Operations.  With the 90% survival rates, Karlanea is in charge of not only making the shrimp happy,


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