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RDM Aquaculture LLCFreshest seafood for 600 miles.  With No antibiotics or Hormones765.299.9313


Q: Where do the shrimp come from?

A: We receive our shrimp from a hatchery in Florida. We receive them when they're 10 days old via FedEx overnight. They are only about the size of your eyelash when we get them. They are so translucent the only thing you can see is a little brown dot, and that's feed in their belly. 


Q: What do you feed the shrimp?

A: We feed the shrimp a specific diet designed just for shrimp! They eat a small, sinking pellet that they can pick up and place in their mouths. The three main components are: feed meal, soy meal, and fish meal. 


Q: Do you freeze the shrimp?

A: We DO NOT freeze the shrimp. We sell our shrimp live! This ensures the freshness of the product. If you see a shrimp with the head on, it has been dead for less than two days, ensuring the freshness. You cannot freeze a shrimp with the head on. Once you thaw that shrimp out (if you had froze it with the head on) it will stink to high heavens and it will release "toxins" into the meat from the head. These toxins aren't going to kill you, but they're not going to make it great for human consumption. 
If you buy shrimp and know you cannot eat them in the days appropriate for proper refrigeration storage, you can do a "half boil" with the shrimp, take the heads off, then freeze them. You must always chop the head off before freezing, but to ensure you get that good flavor from the head you may cook them half-way first. 


Q: How many days storage do you have?

A: With the head on, you have two days in the fridge. You have an additional two days if you take the head off. Once the head is off, you may freeze them. Again, you will lose some of that flavor, but it is still doable. We reccommend keeping them in the freezer no more than a month. 

*Cooking them with the head on adds that sweet flavor into the meat that you will want! You DO NOT have to eat the head if you do not want to! 

Q: What are the size of the shrimp?

A: We "size" our shrimp by count. When we say 30 count, that means you are getting 30 to the pound. 20 count, 20 to the pound. The "less" or "lower" number count just means they are bigger in size, so there is still a pound of shrimp, it just takes less shrimp to get to that pound since they are larger in size. 


Q: How big can the shrimp get?

A: We do not prefer to go over the 20 count. These are large shrimp and are great for that "peel and eat" but once you go any larger, it is just like an old hog or cow, their meat starts to get tough, which doesn't make it great to eat always. You lose a lot of the sweet flavor in the meat as well. 


Q: Are the shrimp organic?

A: We cannot classify shrimp as organic. Our feed supplier is very high quality, but using the fish meal it doesn't count as organic, as well as they cannot guarantee the corn and soy is 100% GMO free. We always like to say that we are antibiotic and hormone free, which is more important. A lot of the shrimp we eat is imported, which uses antibiotics and hormones that are banned in the USA, in their shrimp, which we inturn consume. 


Q: Will you package the shrimp on ice for me?

A: We will package the shrimp up for you and provide you with ice to chill the shrimp down.  The ice pack should last up to 5 hours.


Q: Why don't I devein your shrimp?

A: There is very little in the shrimp itself. They eat a high protein diet, a little salt from their water, and a little baking soda we've used in their tanks to adjust alkalinity, but what is in the shrimp will cook itself out, and whatever is left is no harmful to eat, which is actually why we have to devein. 




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We offer in person sessions on how to become a shrimp farmer and online courses as well.  

We offer gift cards now.   The gift cards can be used for shrimp or they can be used in the greenhouse to purchase, house plants, trees, shrubs or perinneals.  

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