RDM Aquaculture LLC Freshest seafood for 600 miles. With No antibiotics or Hormones 765.299.9313
RDM Aquaculture LLCFreshest seafood for 600 miles.  With No antibiotics or Hormones765.299.9313




Shrimp are sold live with the head on.  This is the only way we can gurantee the fresheness of the shrimp.   Most people do not know that by cooking the shrimp with its head on it adds a beautiful sweetness into the meat.  (no use for sauces) There is no deveining our shrimp.  We use no antibiotics or hormones and the shrimp are reaised in a clean water with only water, salt, feed and shrimp in their tanks.

Call ahead to place your order and we will have it ready for you.  You can request curb service. 


Shrimp sold by the pound.  

20 count (20 shrimp to the pound). $22 per pound.

30 count (30 shrimp to the pound) $18 per pound.  

Purchase 10 pounds or more  $16 per pound. (call ahead for 10 pounds or more)


Shrimp is packaged in one pound packages using bio-degradable containers.  Containers made from recycled plant material.  So they never end in a land fill.  


Frozen Shrimp Bait

$6/lb*perfect for those catfish and walleye fishermen!  Call ahead of time to make sure we have bait available.  


Live Bait:

5g shrimp are $4.50 a dozen.  

We sell them live out the door but can not gurantee they will stay alive till you go fishing.  





RDM Accessories!

Hats -             $ 4.99

T-Shirts -       $19.99

Tumbler      $ 5.99 

Hoodies.      $34.99
   *Don't forget your Gift Certificate as a perfect gift!



Want to learn about shrimp farming?  Check out our book.

Recirculation Indoor Shrimp Farming by Karlanea & Darryl Brown

$9.99 paperback or $2.99 kindle on Amazon.com . Can be purchased in several different countries as well.





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If coming coming from Lafayette,

  • take I-65 N to the 188  Brookston / Fowler exit
  • Turn left (west) on St Rd. 18 and go approximately 10 miles to 850 E.  
  • Turn right, Shrimp flags on the corner with big red barn.


If coming from West Lafayette,

  • Head down 52 West until you come to the 231 intersection
  • Turn right onto 231 N.
  • Take 231 N to the flashing light (St. Rd 18 and 231 intersection) turn left and go approximately 7 miles
  • Turn Right onto 850 E.
  • Turn right, Shrimp Flags on the corner with big red barn.


If coming from Fowler,

  • take St. Rd 18 from Fowler (toward Brookston)  for approximately 8 miles
  • turn left on 850 E
  • Turn into the driveway at the big red barns on the right





101 North 850 East

Fowler, Indiana 47944

Where to Find Us:


We offer in person sessions on how to become a shrimp farmer and online courses as well.  

We offer gift cards now.   The gift cards can be used for shrimp or they can be used in the greenhouse to purchase, house plants, trees, shrubs or perinneals.  

Gift cards are sold from $5 to $200 



Call 765.299.9313


RDM Shrimp

101 N. 850 E.

Fowler IN 47944


Winter Business Hours:

Tuesday- Friday

9 AM  to 5 PM EST

Saturday 9 AM to Noon EST

Sunday & Monday Closed


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